North-east Bexhill

We have plans for an extensive range of business schemes on 42 acres of land in north-east Bexhill – the most significant business development area in the county.

This land can accommodate up to 500,000 sq ft of business floor space across two sites. It’s been made accessible for the first time by Combe Valley Way (formerly known as the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road) – as shown by this mapEast Sussex County Council completed this road in December 2015. For more information about the role of Combe Valley Way in the economic development programme, click here

The north-east Bexhill business developments have the potential to support a great many jobs by enabling local firms to expand and by attracting companies from outside the area, so creating a thriving new business community.   Combe Valley Way provides an easy route for employees in both Hastings and Bexhill to travel to work at companies based there. Economic experts Genecon forecast that it will boost the local economy by £1 billion over the next 25 years.

Bexhill Enterprise Park

We’re undertaking development of the Bexhill Enterprise Park in stages, with our attention on the area south-east of Combe Valley Way in the first phase.

We gained planning permission to develop this area in 2014 and now have sites available which  can accommodate from 2,000 up to 245,000 sq ft of business premises.

The first property we developed here is Glovers House – a high-quality, 25,235 sq ft set of offices (shown below). Glovers House was fully let on completion in early December 2015 to expanding company Park Holidays UK.  It’s a contemporary, low-energy, light-filled building with ample parking.

We intend to develop a similar set of offices on the Enterprise Park soon and these, from approx 600 sq ft upwards, are pre-letting now on highly flexible lease terms

We’ve also developed Mount View Street to access the Enterprise Park from both Combe Valley Way and, from the south, Bexhill’s Wrestwood Road.

In February 2016, we gained planning consent to develop the ‘North Bexhill Access Road to open up further land to the north-west of Combe Valley Way for a second phase of development.

We’d welcome hearing from any companies interested in sites or offices in this area. Please get in touch.

Download the Bexhill Enterprise Park brochure.  Or for more details, visit the Bexhill Enterprise Park web site.

Glovers House – occupied by Park Holidays UK