Development of the Queensway Gateway road in Hastings is taking its next step forward: work is beginning to extend the road and create a temporary link to Sedlescombe Road North (the A21), which will enable drivers to use the road’s complete route for the first time.

We’ve appointed Breheny Civil Engineering to create the temporary connection, with Breheny moving on-site on Monday 21 September. We aim to complete the link in 2021.

The Queensway Gateway is designed to provide a direct route between Queensway (the A290) and Sedlescombe Road North (the A21) in northern Hastings. It is intended to improve local traffic flows – especially between the A21 and Combe Valley Way (the Link Road) — as well as to boost road safety and reduce congestion on The Ridge.

We’ve already completed a roundabout connecting the new road at its western end to Queensway and the road has been built 250 metres eastwards from there. This includes another roundabout part-way along, street lighting and a spur road to provide access to three businesses along its route.

The new stage of works will involve extending the Queensway Gateway 60 metres further east to join the old Whitworth Road and Junction Road, running right through to Sedlescombe Road (A21), which it will join via a T-junction controlled by traffic lights (see drawing).

In the process, the remaining businesses along the Queensway Gateway route will be connected to the new road and Junction Road will be closed to traffic at two points – where it meets The Ridge and where it joins Whitworth Road.

As well as relieving congestion on The Ridge, by opening up access to areas zoned for employment use in Hastings’ Local Plan, this will support long-term job creation.

We are being supported in this project by East Sussex County Council, which has given approval for the road development and is promoting temporary traffic regulation orders to enable the road closures.