The Centre For Cities’ recent ‘Cities Outlook 2014’ report has given Hastings the accolade of being the greenest large town in the UK.

It found Hastings to have 3.9 tonnes of CO2 per capita in 2011. The UK average was 6.9 tonnes and the worst town, Middlesborough, had 14.9 – almost four times Hastings’ level.

It also highlighted Hastings as one of the country’s most inventive towns, ranking it eighth nationwide for the number of patents granted per 100,000 population (7.8 to be precise). Cambridge continues to hold the number one spot.

In addition, the study has listed Hastings as one of the five towns to have most increased its ‘digital connectivity’ – defined by a 20% plus increase in super fast broadband coverage.

You can see the full Centre for Cities report here.

The Centre for Cities is a charity which describes itself as ‘the first port of call for UK and international decision makers seeking to understand and improve UK cities’ economic performance’.